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Our comprehensive warehouse provides a wide range of rolls, mattings and sheetings for promt delivery. This includes numerous sealing materials as well as industrial floorings.


A great number of materials is available in various dimensions, thicknesses and with numerous properties.



work station matting
wide/fine ribbed matting
fine ribbed matting
wide ribbed matting
combi-ribbed matting
checker matting
insulating matting
block matting
stud flooring
pyramid matting
ramp matting
diamond matting
ring matting
turtle matting

Sheetings and rolls

double sided adhesive tape
nr/sbr quality
nbr/sbr quality
epdm/sbr quality
neoprene, cr/sbr quality
sbr light - FDA-compliant
nbr light - FDA-compliant
epdm light - FDA-compliant
cr light - FDA-compliant
hypalon sheeting, csm quality
viton, fkm-quality
natural rubber sheeting, nr quality
abrasion-resistant sheeting, nr quality
silicone foam
reclaimed rubber sheeting
cork rubber
cellular rubber
sponge rubber
polyurethane / vulcollan
PTFE virginal / PTFE 25% glass
modified PTFE-materials
asbestos-free gasket materials
graphite materials
plasticized PVC

Advanced warehouse management and logistics ensure fast processing of orders.

Fine ribbed matting

Checker matting

Stud flooring

Ramp matting

Nbr light - FDA-compliant


Epdm light FDA-compliant

Asbestos-free gasket materials