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Large PTFE-gaskets due to welding process



In the oval there is the "weld seam". The thermal process creates a permanent joint.

It used to be problematic to make PTFE-gaskets larger than their source material sheets. Thanks to a welding process, we are able now to combine segments to gasket formats of any size. The thermal process produces a permanent joint, without affecting the properties of the PTFE. With segment manufacturing, a lower-cost production is also possible with larger dimensions. We weld:

Gylon: Gylon standard 3501 E
Gylon blue 3504 E
Gylon white 3510 E
Klinger: Topchem 2000
Topchem 2003
Topchem 2005
Frenzelit: Novaflon 100
Novaflon 200
Novaflon 300
Novaflon 500
Flexitallic: Sigma 500
Sigma 511
Sigma 533
FluorTex: microFlon BLUE